Prints and Posters


  We print professional quality photos using wet and dry printing processes.
Our regular printer offers up to 12"x18" prints for convenient one-hour service.
We also print posters up to 32"x40", or banners up to 40" tall. Posters of certain sizes may be printed on a photo board or paper. Printing on canvas and watercolor paper is available.


Kodak Kiosk

  Try out one of our kiosks- print high-quality photos from memory cards, CDs, USB drives, and even your phone or tablet.
Download the Kodak kiosk app and easily transfer photos to view and print, or log in to your Facebook or Instagram and print from your social media accounts.



  Our online service is another great way to print your photos and doesn't require leaving the comfort of your home until they are ready to be picked up. The same variety of print sizes, finishes and other products are available online just as they are in-store.
Use the link above or here to try out the service.
If you have any questions while using our online service, there is a help line available to assist you and the phone number can be found on their site.


Film Processing

  We are able to process color (C-41) 35mm, APS, 120mm, 110mm and 126mm films.
Regular printing available for 35mm, APS and 120 films.
Ask us about options for scanning and printing 110 and 126 films.